Streamlined, Rapid Record Retrieval

eHealth Technologies is now offering additional service options to expedite acquisition of medical records and relieve the burden of tracking down patient records.

  • 24/7 Critical Record Retrieval service to expedite the acquisition of medical records and images that would be needed by Critical Care, ICU  or other departments
  • Concierge Patient Outreach service in which the eHealth Technologies team contacts patients to identify locations where necessary medical records and images need to be requested from, removing that administrative task from your already-stretched staff

Record Retrieval24/7 Critical Record Retrieval

Critical medical record and image acquisition services to supply requested records within hours.

  • Submit requests 24/7 using secure web app for critical information necessary for treatment of COVID-19 or other chronic disease patients
  • A dedicated team member will take ownership for each patient fulfilling all tasks on an urgent basis
  • Real-time updates on request status provided via the eHealth Connect® platform
  • Records to be delivered into the EMR or through the secure portal


Providing professional and compassionate engagement with your patients to collect information regarding records needed for their care.

  • Removes burden of administrative tasks from your staff as duties are re-assigned or absent from work due to COVID-19
  • eHealth Technologies  to acquire and prepare all relevant information necessary for a complete record request
  • Outreach to patient to document provider history and release of information
  • Complete indexed medical records delivered to the facility with minimal staff involvement