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Timing Is Critical for Transplant Centers

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Medical teams need concise, accurate, clinically relevant records on transplant donors — and they need that information as soon as possible.

When it comes to organ procurement organizations, eHealth Technologies has an innovate approach to record retrieval that will impact your service time, cost, and quality. We can help you to:

  • Standardize and streamline: We can make record retrieval consistent for all of the transplant centers you service — our clients spend up to 85% less time managing healthcare records, and you can free up licensed staff to complete this work.

  • Accelerate access to information: Our call center has a turnaround time of 24 – 48 hours and we remain available for real-time updates.

  • Comprehensive information: Our staff knows where and how to find the authorizations and medical records, reports, and images that medical teams need, which leads to a faster, better presentation of donor information for matching…and ultimately, better patient outcomes.

  • Be confident in your data: Having the correct medical records helps you to rule out potential donors as a result of comorbidities that the family may not be aware of.

  • Customize and index reports: We can organize information by organ type and include keywords and categories that help teams quickly identify crucial donor information.

We work with 40% of the highest-volume transplant centers in the US. As the industry leader in medical record retrieval and organization, these centers use our best practices to help clinicians quickly access critical patient information.

Connect with our team during the 2021 AOPO Annual Meeting and discover what we can do for your organization.

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50K Organ Transplant Annually by 2026: How eHealth Technologies Can Support Reaching Your Goal

Presented by Caroline Schrader, MSN, RN

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Learn how OPOs can expedite access to critical records for potential donors without using licensed personnel, and receive standardized reports that are easily discoverable by end users and customized by organ-type – reducing potential errors.

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