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Getting Patients on the Treatment Path Faster Than Ever Before

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When it comes to evaluating and treating oncology patients, your team needs comprehensive medical records — and they need them as soon as possible. Timing and accuracy are absolutely critical with clinical trials. That’s where eHealth Technologies comes in.

  • Accelerate record retrieval: Our staff knows where and how to find comprehensive, clinically relevant records. We can prepare record, image and pathology slide templates that are specific to your studies so that we only collect the patient information you need, without wasting time with superfluous records.

  • Review records more quickly: With indexing, we can highlight keywords to help you determine whether candidates meet your study’s criteria.

  • Get updates immediately: Our portal provides real-time access to the latest status for your patient record requests. You’ll have easy two-way communication with the eHealth Technologies team through this portal.

  • Access concierge services: We can perform patient outreach on your behalf to collect additional information, and then submit the requests in the portal ourselves. This “hands-off” process frees up your team to focus on patient care.

  • Support your staff: Using our smooth workflows will help you manage variable volumes of patients without overwhelming or adding employees.

eHealth Technologies can help ensure that you have the relevant patient information you need to meet your clinical trial criteria, when you need it. Our clients spend up to 85% less time managing healthcare records, which leads to happy staff, clinicians, physicians — and ultimately, patients.

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