Employee Statements

One of the aspects of working at eHealth that I enjoy most is the company’s culture. The atmosphere is one of hard work and dedication, but we all manage to have fun at the same time! All levels of management are approachable, supportive, and open communication is encouraged—even if delivering bad news! I always recommend joining the eHealth team!
Rob, IT

I feel that this is a good, positive atmosphere to work in and what we are doing is very interesting and exciting. The best things about eHealth are our excellent working environment, job satisfaction, the respect with which people treat one another, the value placed on each individual, opportunities for job growth and much more.
Marlene, Training

I am proud to be working at eHealth Technologies and part of a team whose mission is to improve healthcare delivery. It is refreshing to work with employees who put the company’s success ahead of their own and fun to watch a company’s workforce grow.
IT Department

This organization actually demonstrates a philosophy of respecting its associates. That can be seen in every aspect of what we do, throughout the entire company. It’s simple and easy, but it’s something that’s far too rare in today’s business climate, and it’s also the reason our turnover rate is so low. […] The way we treat your patients’ information and records, we treat it as though it was our families’ records. We treat it with that kind of respect and dignity.  Norm Hauk, Operations



Norm Hauk - Employee Statement

I am very thankful to eHealth Technologies for opening the door of hope so I was able to get a second opinion immediately and on my way to treatment.  Deanna, Marketing Director (and Patient)



Deanna Peters, Director Marketing Services, Employee Statements

I am honored and I find it very rewarding to know that I am a small part of the care team. Donna Rodriguez, Operations



Donna Rodriguez, Customer Support Specialist, Employee Statements

We are able to alleviate that pressure that patients feel in order to get the medical records so they can be seen by the hospitals. Liz Butt, Operations


Liz Butt, eHealth Technologies, Regional Team Leader, Employee Statements