eHealth Connect® Image Exchange Client Videos and Statements

Image Exchange Customer Q&A

Rochester RHIO – May 2020 – Jill Eisenstein, CEO and President

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Improved Healthcare.  It’s Here!  eHealth Technologies is proud to power HealtheConnections’ Image Exchange solution.


Listen to what one of our Image Exchange clients, HealtheConnections, experience has been with eHealth Connect Image Exchange Transfer-to-PACS solution.

We Invite You to Read What Our Clients Are Saying…  

“Since implementing Transfer-to- PACS, our workflow has become more efficient than ever. There is no more time wasted while waiting around for images to be sent to our office on discs. Instead, we can pull up prior results in the HIE and compare them immediately to the new images—it must save me three hours per day.  This has made such a tremendous positive impact on the quality of care we provide to our patients.”  K&A Radiologic Technology Services Inc., a HealtheConnections’ client

We receive 200,000+ imaging studies a month from 29 hospitals and independent radiology centers.  The ability to review, share and now download imaging studies is a valued service to our providers.  It improves efficiency, resulting in better patient care.  HealtheConnections, CEO and President

I really do love the transfer to PACS workflow.  It is much faster than using CDs and it is very convenient that the images go directly to the patient medical record, rather than having to reconcile the record after a patient’s images are imported.”  Elizabeth Wende Breast Care, a Rochester RHIO client

Providing the clinical community with the ability to instantly access, view and collaborate on their patient’s images further fulfills our mission to help providers securely and appropriately share data to improve health outcomes and the quality of patient care.”  CRISP, Director of Integration

PVIX continues to empower healthcare providers in the region with the critical and timely health information necessary to provide efficient care and to ultimately deliver a better patient experience.  This partnership will positively impact patients by eliminating the need for unnecessary duplicate imaging exams while reducing the cost of care.”  Baystate Health, CIO

“The ability to link a patient’s radiology and real time cine to the patient’s virtual record allows the physician provider to not only review the report read by the radiologist, but see the actual images as well.  This will provide enhanced communication between the physician provider and the patient and ultimately will lead to improved quality care.”  Aspen Valley Hospital (AVH), a Quality Health Network (QHN) client

“Implementation of these technologies helps improve patient safety and patient care, and can lower costs for all.”  Quality Health Network (QHN), Executive Director