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Gary Larson

Join our presentation on October 12 at 11:15am

Medical Image Sharing and Exchange through HIEs

Presented by Gary Larson, Executive Vice President and General Manager, HIE Solutions

This presentation will help care providers gain a better understanding of the many ways medical image sharing and exchange can benefit their operations.  He will focus on how imaging service providers can access and share medical images from different systems and locations, how care providers can make better clinical decisions by having diagnostic quality images at the point of care, as well as how HIE-based image sharing is uniquely positioned to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in ways that are otherwise unattainable.

Learn more about how eHealthConnect® Image Exchange allows HIE users to:

  • View images anywhere, anytime in full diagnostic quality within the context of a results report.

  • Readily access and compare a list of all images from all locations across the community in a single viewing session.

  • Collaborate by way of real-time image session sharing with participating HIE care providers anywhere, anytime with a single click.

  • Import external imaging studies with a single click from any connected location across the HIE.

  • Publish emergent imaging studies, making them available to remote specialists in real-time to facilitate urgent care situations such as stroke and trauma.

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The case studies below demonstrate different results that have HIE communities achieved in terms of:

  • Allowing users to share imaging studies for immediate, community-wide access by referring clinicians and other specialists through the Health Information Exchange (HIE) or their EMR
  • Improving efficiencies and reducing operational costs for connected hospitals and imaging services providers
  • Enhancing the speed and quality of care