Image Exchange – Automated Imaging Workflow

Gain immediate access and eliminate manual steps for retrieval of prior diagnostic images

Automated Imaging Workflow provides fully automated delivery of relevant external medical images, without even the push of a button.

Automated Imaging Workflow Capabilities

eHealth Technologies’ Automated Imaging Workflow is an innovative, groundbreaking technology that makes access to prior medical images immediately available into a local PACS or imaging system. This efficient, comprehensive and accurate service eliminates all manual steps and delivery can be initiated when a patient is scheduled or presents in an emergency situation.

Through Automated Imaging Workflow, all external, relevant images from connected facilities in the HIE are available to clinicians, radiologists, and specialists prior to a patient’s appointment and without the need for staff to spend time to locate and gather them.

Benefits for Imaging Providers and Patients

  • Immediate access to relevant, external imaging studies—automatically delivered into a local PACS or imaging system with no manual steps
  • Eliminate the burden on staff to spend hours a day locating, gathering and importing medical images
  • More complete, comprehensive records are available for every patient—avoid delays and gaps in care from missing images and repeated test
  • Reliable delivery of patient records before they are needed—prior to an appointment or at the point of care
  • Trusted accuracy of fully reconciled records, based on key patient identifiers
  • Patient and staff satisfaction is increased as clinicians and providers have more time for patient care

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Streamlines Retrieval of Prior Medical Images

Eliminates Manual Steps to Retrieve Prior Medical Images