Imaging providers can initiate real-time, potentially life-saving imaging consultations with specialists anywhere in the world; in situations when a quick second opinion is needed, a specialist is not available, or in preparation for transferring a critical emergency patient to an advanced care facility.

Increased Speed and Efficiency

Emergent Workflow can be added to the robust eHealth Connect Image Exchange service. This empowers HIE users to share images on a stat basis with other caregivers within minutes of the exam being performed, even before reading and results reporting have occurred. This is a particularly useful capability for remote clinics, small hospitals, or even after hours situations when clinical staff are not on-site to diagnose and treat emergency cases. Utilizing Emergent Workflow can help to quickly identify the appropriate treatment for stroke victims in the crucial few minutes, as well as diagnose and treat trauma patients when local expertise is unavailable — all more effectively and efficiently than traditional approaches.

When Minutes Count

  • Collaborate immediately: Care providers in smaller, remote facilities no longer have to face difficult challenges in making medical images available to caregivers at advanced care facilities. Emergency patients can now have their images viewed by the most qualified radiologist, anywhere in the HIE’s region. This assures the most appropriate treatments are administered during those most crucial minutes.
  • More efficient patient transfers: Patient transfers are often delayed while an imaging CD is produced and sent with the patient on an ambulance or life flight. Upon arrival at the advanced care location further delays invariably occur while staff members struggle to load, view, and interpret images from a previously unknown CD before care planning can proceed.
  • Faster consults: Newly scanned imaging exams are viewable within minutes as part of the patient’s virtual health record anywhere in the region served by the HIE. This enables immediate consultations and care planning to occur, often times while the patient is still in transit, speeding care by minutes or even hours. When the patient arrives, crucial minutes can be spent implementing the care plan instead of further diagnosing the patient’s condition.

Download the Image Exchange Emergent Workflow sell sheet.