Radiologists and other clinicians frequently have access to relevant external prior imaging studies on their local PACS in order to properly diagnose and treat more complex medical conditions. Delivery of these images directly into the PACS saves time and streamlines workflows for providers.Files Circle Icon

Accurate Image Transfer

Transfer-to-PACS augments eHealth Connect Image Exchange by allowing authorized HIE users to select from one or more external imaging exams to be transferred into their own PACS. eHealth Connect® Image Exchange accomplishes this transfer with a few clicks directly from an HIE user interface.

The system will automatically ensure the correct local patient MRN has been inserted into its corresponding DICOM field so when it is imported it will appear as part of the local patient record on their PACS. Accession numbers can also be edited as needed prior to a transfer being initiated. This transfer does not rely on physical media and is accomplished entirely  from the HIE user interface.

Experience the Benefits of Connection

  • Cost savings: Replace costly, manual production, transportation, and importing of imaging
    physical media, such as films and CDs with just a few clicks from your HIE. Better data collection allows for more complete and successful billing, as well as facilitation of the authorization process. Pay only for the storage of the images you actually need to maintain locally, as all other studies will continue to be accessible on the HIE
  • Save staff time: Decrease time spent calling, locating, and requesting external imaging studies.
  • Efficient workflows: Radiologists and cardiologists can now access external imaging studies from within their own PACS. This allows them to review, diagnose, and report from within their everyday working environment, utilizing their familiar, pre-established tools and workflows. HIE users will benefit by no longer being required to download multiple viewers; nor will they need to review imaging studies from CDs, a slow and often unreliable method of working.
  • Patient friendly: Eliminate the burden on patients of tracking down their prior images and transporting them to their next point-of care. Offer the highest standard of care with a complete medical record without delay for you or the patient.

Download the Image Exchange Transfer-to-PACS sell sheet.