Image Exchange

How It Works

Transform Care in Your Community

Medical images are essential to deliver informed, effective, and efficient patient care. Many leading HIEs across the country have incorporated eHealth Connect Image Exchange as one of their key services to enable immediate, community-wide access to imaging studies.

Image Exchange Info-graphic

At eHealth Technologies, we provide the most streamlined and efficient solution available to image-enable HIEs. With Image Exchange, the health organizations you serve will gain:

  • Access. With a single click, clinicians can view images or transfer them directly into PACS.
  • Speed. Specialists can view images for emergent care without waiting for the radiology report.
  • Cost reduction. Images available via HIE eliminate the costs of preparing and transporting physical media and reduce the need for repeat tests.

Regional and State-wide Health Information Exchanges and Private Clinical Information Networks

eHealth Technologies bring value to many constituents in a health care community. Benefits from functional HIE image sharing have far reaching effects for providers, administrators in a health system or other health care organizations, payors, and most importantly – patients.

Configurations can be established in many types of environments.

  • Whether the HIE is regional or state-wide, the HIE community it serves benefits from the sustainability that HIE-based image sharing provides.
  • Our solution provides access to medical imaging studies in a way that allows providers to work within their PACS, download only what is most critical, and collaborate with other providers in developing treatment plans.
  • Enhancing the value that the HIE offers to providers and ultimately patients in that community makes that HIE an even more critical component in the health care landscape.

Connecting different networks within a large health system or imaging center is critical as health care organization look to expand their footprint by acquiring physician groups, hospitals, outpatient care facilities, etc.

  • Creating access to shared health data across these growing organizations is an expectation that requires specialized configurations that are often challenging due to limitations of how the data is stored.
  • Once a Clinical Information Network is established, an HIE-based image sharing solution can be applied to allow access to actual imaging studies right within a user’s PACS, along with the other health information that is being shared.