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Streamlining Care for Cardiology Patients

February 5, 2020

eHealth Technologies Blog: Michelle Donoskwy, RT(T), Executive Director of Clinical Optimization, eHealth Technologies As I donned my red sweater in support of heart month, it made me reflect on the important work that eHealth Technologies is doing to support cardiology departments across Read More »

Uncovering the benefits of image-enabled HIEs

January 7, 2020

eHealth Technologies blog: John Reifenberger, Director, Project Management/Customer Success, Image Exchange I have been involved with Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) since 1998. First as a CIO at a long-term acute care hospital, then managing the operations of HealthBridge, and finally overseeing Read More »

How eHealth Technologies Impacts Transplant Patient Care

December 18, 2019

eHealth Technologies Blog: Jeff Markin, CEO, eHealth Technologies As we close 2019, I am proud to reflect on the partnership that eHealth Technologies has with transplant centers around the country. While we work with multiple specialties in many facilities, transplant centers make Read More »

Knowing When to Request Which Records for Referred Patients

November 19, 2019

eHealth Technologies blog: Liz Butt, Customer Success Manager, eHealth Technologies Often when working with a hospital or other care center to understand its workflow for referred patients, we encounter hesitation  when asking teams to provide a list of records needed to Read More »

Understanding the Value of Patient Satisfaction Measures

November 5, 2019

eHealth Technologies blog: Jan Tabor, Clinical Optimization Consultant, eHealth Technologies Patient satisfaction is the key to patient loyalty. Gathering feedback that promotes an understanding of areas for improved care is critical to keeping referral pipelines strong. For many years, hospitals and Read More »

How Employee Engagement Shapes Customer Service

October 8, 2019

eHealth Technologies blog: Michelle Halloran, VP of Human Resources and Laura DiNatale, Director of Talent Development, eHealth Technologies 5 Ways to Engage with Employees A company’s employees can be their best ambassadors. They are like family—they know your strengths and see your Read More »

Gearing Up for the Evolution of Healthcare

September 26, 2019

eHealth Technologies blog: Rick Travers, CTO, eHealth Technologies Accelerating workforce development is one of the topics for National Health IT Week. There are numerous new healthcare products and services that are evolving or being created every day. As we get closer and Read More »