Rochester, NY, April 1, 2020—eHealth Technologies has joined a coalition of private sector healthcare technology firms, nonprofits, academia, and startups to share expertise, capabilities and insights as a response to the novel coronavirus. Organized by MITRE Corp., the coalition’s goal is to help save lives and flatten the pandemic’s curve in the U.S. by providing real-time insights to aid healthcare delivery.

Healthcare Coalition Member C-19 LogoBy coordinating plans and resources, industry leaders can respond to the ever-changing situation and offer unique assets to deploy to the front lines of those fighting COVID-19. This private sector coalition represents a vast resource of data, expertise, capabilities, and insights and will complement federal, state, and local government actions, securely and in compliance with applicable laws and guidelines. Members include the Mayo Clinic, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, aetnahealth, Amazon Web Service, Epic and many others.

“eHealth is in a unique position to support the efforts of the coalition given our relationships with Health Information Exchange (HIE) leaders, hospital administrators, and clinicians that are on the front lines of managing patients during this crisis,” says Jeff Markin, CEO, eHealth Technologies. “Our team can provide insights on best practices for providing access to critical medical information both for COVID-19 patients in need of emergent care and for other patients that require care despite the fact that hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients.”

MITRE will serve as an independent party to facilitate communication, aggregate de-identified data–from clinical insights to resource requirements like beds and ventilators–and coordinate the response across a range of organizations.

All organizations are strictly voluntary and are working together for the benefit of the country. No organizations are receiving any financial benefit for participation. Outcomes of the collaboration may include:

  • Connecting PPE suppliers worldwide to healthcare organizations with immediate needs for N95 masks, ventilators, and protective gowns
  • Connecting government COVID-19 initiatives to startups to rapidly accelerate ventilator supplies
  • Connecting the best protocols for treating COVID-19 from across the nation and sharing them online for the public good
  • Connecting an ecosystem of private sector capabilities to accelerate telehealth, home care, and alternative options to reduce load at hospitals
  • Connecting the best sources of information from around the world to provide data, analytics and insights to all

About eHealth Technologies™

eHealth Technologies is the leading provider of image-enabled Health Information Exchange (HIE) and medical record retrieval and organization services. With customers across the country, eHealth Technologies works with prominent HIEs throughout the US and top-ranked hospitals, including 16 of the 20 U.S. News & World Report Honor Roll Hospitals for 2018-2019. eHealth Connect® Image Exchange enables HIE subscribers access to full diagnostic quality medical records in the context of the patient record.  The company’s eHealth Connect® solutions enhance patient and physician satisfaction by streamlining care transitions and assuring physicians have the right information to care for their patients. Visit www. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

About COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition

The COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition is a collaborative private sector response to novel coronavirus. Our mission is to help save lives by providing real-time learning to support healthcare delivery and protect populations. We’re bringing together the best, brightest minds, assets, and insights from across private industry to coordinate a response. We’re sharing resources, sharing plans, and working together. Visit


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