eHealth Technologies blog: Michelle Halloran, VP of Human Resources and Laura DiNatale, Director of Talent Development, eHealth Technologies

5 Ways to Engage with Employees

A company’s employees can be their best ambassadors. They are like family—they know your strengths and see your failures. All too often we don’t stop to think about the impact of how we manage our internal operations and the ways our own teams can affect customer experiences.

The Magic of Service Customer Service Week 2019October 7-11 is National Customer Service Week. At eHealth Technologies we believe this week is an opportunity not only to recognize the great work that our employees do, but keep them engaged with the organization as well.

Here are 5 Ways to Engage with Employees during National Customer Service Week that model or own activities for this week and all year long.

  1. Training—By providing employees with an environment of continuous growth and development, we enable them to achieve their professional goals. Employees striving to grow and build their skills demonstrate a passion to achieve and in turn, provide the best service to customers. Investing in talent development resources demonstrates a commitment to creating a true learning and development culture. This can be done in many ways such as formal training in the classroom, online, or through various project initiatives and job experience.
  2. Reward and recognition—In the day to day of managing projects and meeting deadlines, sometimes it’s easy to move on to the next project before taking the time to recognize the hard work that has been completed. It’s important to take the time needed to recognize outstanding performance and share successes across the organization. A simple email thanking employees for their dedication or recognizing the hard work of a specific individual is an important step taken by managers to support their workforce.
  3. Develop a shared sense of purpose—When employees have a clear understanding of mission and vision, they can come together to support it and feel a sense of belonging and personal investment in the success of the organization. Employees who are connected to the organization’s overall goals are committed to delivering a premium service to customers. Taking steps to review and clarify your organization’s mission and vision will help employees better articulate services to current and potential customers, which will enhance the delivery of excellent customer service.
  4. Communicate, communicate, communicate—No one likes to be left in the dark or feel like the last to know. Be a true partner to your employees by sharing company information, changes and plans on an ongoing basis. Be open to discussions that promote a deeper level of understanding and clarify misunderstandings. Don’t make the mistake of only communicating during a crisis or negative change—share positive stories and updates through a combination of tools, including printed materials or letters, websites, social media and in person meetings.
  5. Celebrate together—This may seem an obvious addition, but it is vital to creating a positive work environment. Celebrations don’t always need to be large expensive outings or parties. But it important to take time to recognize successes—both shared and individual. Be inclusive of employees of all levels and make sure employees know they are valued.

To all of eHealth Technologies’ customers, we thank you for your support and are grateful for you. Join us in celebrating the wonderful dedication of the people who bring you our best every day.