eHealth Technologies Blog: Michael A. Sciortino, Esq., Chief General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer, eHealth Technologies

Ask 10 people to make a list of what matters most in life and you’re bound to see the majority list health near the top. More than wealth, education, job security, homeownership—you’d find that the health of themselves and their loved ones matter the most.

When a person faces a point where health decisions need to be a made, a patient must place trust in a care team to nurture and care for them. In addition to care decisions, a patient must have confidence in the safeguarding of his or her personal and private information. This means security and confidentiality must be maintained at all times.

Being a patient means that eHealth Technologies will always take the extra step to protect your patients’ privacy and health information.

Since 2006, eHealth Technologies has assisted more than 1.5 million patients nationwide. Hospitals around the country rely on the eHealth team to locate, retrieve, and organize medical records, images, and pathology slides for patients that are referred to their organization for care. Whether it’s a patient in need of cancer treatment, waiting for life-saving transplant surgery, or preparing for an orthopaedic procedure – eHealth Technologies allows the patient’s clinical team to access the information needed to quickly develop effective treatment plans.

Healthcare Lock GraphicWe follow and enforce national standards to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of personal health information. Yet we also know that beyond laws and regulations, employees are the best gatekeeper of personal data. We work diligently to train eHealth employees to ensure security of personal data is enforced daily.

Below are just a few of the standards in place at eHealth Technologies:

  • We use appropriate administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to prevent any unauthorized use or disclosure of PHI.
  • Our mission, vision and values all relate to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of PHI.
  • Our people are trained under the HIPAA Rules at their initial new hire and then receive continuing privacy and security training on a monthly basis with an annual refresher to review changes in the HIPAA Rules.
  • We educate all of our employees that the work we do at eHealth Technologies impacts patient lives.

We are passionate about the critically important work we do for patients. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide seamless access to healthcare information enabling caregivers to focus on what matters most-patients. Our mission, vision and values drive what we do and shape who we aspire to be to the patients that we serve.

Being an organization that has selected eHealth Technologies as a business associate, means that your patients’ privacy is protected and their health information is safeguarded at all times. It truly is one less thing for you and your team to worry about and lets you focus on what is most important – the health of your patients.