Clinical Intelligence

eHealth Connect® Clinical Intelligence curates and presents important clinical information in a highly optimized, organized, and searchable format that is tailored for your EMR. Clinical Intelligence allows clinicians to effectively navigate the hundreds of pages, even thousands of pages, of diagnosis notes, results from pathology and molecular reports along with impressions from radiology reports, to get to the most important clinical information they need. Access to full records is just a click away utilizing the eHealth Connect Clinical Intelligence capabilities.

With eHealth Connect Clinical Intelligence, you can quickly review your patients available records to answer key questions prior to their first appointment:

  • Why am I seeing this patient? What is their diagnosis?
  • What other doctors and specialists have treated this patient?
  • What tests have been conducted and what are the results?

The highly curated and organized patient medical history helps tell the medical story for your patient so that you can create an appropriate plan of action.

Increase Quality

Patients referred for specialty care often have complex medical histories. Clinical Intelligence ensures that you get the most important and relevant clinical information. Clinicians no longer need to go through hundreds of pages or click through lots of EMR tabs and encounter results to hunt down the clinical information they need to treat their patients.

Save Time

Clinical Intelligence decreases the amount of time your team spends sorting through their patient records to find the pertinent information needed to create a treatment plan. Clinicians have access to clinically important information for their patients, so they can assess the patient’s issues and create an appropriate treatment plan. Treatment plans can be prepared in less time and prior to their patients’ first visit  to make sure they have a productive appointment.

Expedite Patient Care

Greatly reducing the amount of time physicians and clinicians spend sorting through their patients records to learn about their ‘outside’ medical records expedites a first appointment.   Your physicians and clinicians will have access to the relevant details needed when developing a treatment plan in one concise, organized document.

Innovative Technology

Clinical Intelligence is powered by proprietary technology that leverages sophisticated and medically-tailored OCR (Optical Character Recognition), automated organization of documents according to customized document types and dates of encounter, and linking and highlighting of clinical keywords and phrases from scanned PDFs. This technical processing ensures the information can be accurate and optimally presented, while providing full search capabilities. Documents can optionally be labeled with bar codes and other identifiers to streamline integration into your EMR.