Image Exchange

eHealth Connect® Image Exchange improves the quality and efficiency of healthcare by giving healthcare providers ready access to diagnostic quality medical images when and where they are needed.


eHealth Technologies is firmly committed to making medical imaging truly interoperable with all other health record systems, and as such we led the way by pioneering image-enabled Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) in 2009. Since then, we have integrated medical images from more than 100 hospitals and imaging centers with numerous EHR solutions as well as private, regional, and statewide HIEs across the US.

Our blend of experience combining medical imaging, electronic health records, and health information exchanges gives us a unique insight into the workflows that need to be supported to truly meet the need for delivering more effective, efficient healthcare.

Image Exchange Workflow Capabilities

eHealth Connect® Image Exchange has been designed to integrate with all common PACS technologies and with virtually all HIE and EHR platforms, providing the following image-enabled clinical workflows:

View all imaging studies from within the patient record on an HIE portal

With a single click, authorized HIE users can launch a study of interest from any connected imaging location on eHealthViewer® ZF—a zero-footprint, web-based viewing platform—a fully diagnostic-quality FDA 510(k) Class II medical device.

View and compare imaging studies from different locations

Authorized HIE users can access a Community-Wide Imaging Worklist for their patient. Users can manipulate, sort, and view one or multiple imaging studies from different imaging provider locations in a common eHealthViewer ZF image viewing session.

Collaborate with other healthcare providers anywhere in the community in real time

With a single click from the eHealthViewer ZF, users can initiate an immediate screen sharing consultation session with any other authorized care provider in the community—for wet reads, second opinions, and consultations between referring physicians and specialists.

Access images from external locations directly from their EMR or Direct Messaging inbox

Care providers seeking access to patient records from their Direct Messaging inboxes, or as delivered to directly to their EMRs can be provided “one-click” access to view imaging studies on eHealthViewer ZF. This capability has the added benefit of enabling participating institutions to meet a key imaging menu criterion of Meaningful Use Stage 2.

Transfer external imaging studies directly into a local PACS

Radiologists and other clinicians frequently have access to relevant external prior imaging studies on their local PACS in order to properly diagnose and treat more complex medical conditions. eHealth Connect® Image Exchange accomplishes this transfer with a few clicks directly from an HIE user interface, and will assure the key image attributes in the DICOM header, such as patient ID (MRN) and accession number, are updated prior to transferring images.

Publish emergent imaging studies to other users across the community

With Emergent Workflow enabled, the staff at imaging provider locations can share imaging studies with other users immediately after an imaging exam has been completed, and prior to the generation of a results report. This allows them to initiate real-time, potentially life-saving imaging consultations with specialists anywhere in the world, in situations when a quick second opinion is needed, a specialist is not available or not on staff, or in preparation for transferring a critical emergency patient to an advanced care facility.

Benefits to Payers, Providers, and Patients

eHealth Connect® Image Exchange provides our customers with many benefits, including:

Simplifying access to medical imaging studies originating from any PACS source or vendor by providing eHealthViewer® ZF as a unified viewing environment for all medical imaging studies in the community.

Helping connected hospitals and imaging services providers to secure and grow their referral base by providing a more complete service to their referring clinicians, with “one-click” access to view diagnostic quality medical imaging studies in conjunction with results reports from their system of choice: their own EMR, their Direct Secure Message inbox, or the HIE portal.

Enabling “Eligible Professional” care providers to meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 because access to external imaging studies can be delivered directly into their own EMRs, satisfying an important MU2 menu objective.

Expanding an HIE’s user base, and increasing overall HIE usage by enhancing the value of services available to their participating healthcare providers, with the incorporation of access to medical images.

Improving efficiencies and reducing operational costs for connected hospitals and imaging services providers by supplying them with a unified platform for sharing images with any care provider who needs access. This includes sharing images externally with referring physicians and specialists who need access for follow-on care, as well as gaining internal access to relevant prior imaging studies from other locations across the community for patients who are being provided care within their facility.

Enhancing the speed and quality of care with additional imaging services such as immediate real-time imaging consultations, side-by-side image comparisons for images from multiple locations, and emergency/urgent image access.

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eHealth Connect Image Exchange