Image Exchange for HIEs

Ready access to diagnostic quality medical images when and where they are needed

eHealth Technologies is firmly committed to making medical imaging truly interoperable with all other health record systems, and as such we led the way by pioneering image-enabled Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) in 2009. Since then, we have integrated medical images from more than 100 hospitals and imaging centers with numerous EHR solutions as well as private, regional, and statewide HIEs across the US.

Our blend of experience combining medical imaging, electronic health records, and health information exchanges gives us a unique insight into the workflows that need to be supported to truly meet the need for delivering more effective, efficient healthcare.

The Image Exchange Solution

At the heart of the Image Exchange Solution is the ability for providers across the community to access medical images from all connected HIEs,  with a single click. Plus, the images are accessible within a unified viewing environment, in full diagnostic quality when and where needed.

Specialized workflow options are available to enhance how providers can retrieve and access images, based on their specific workflow needs.

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