Intelligent Clinical Record

Our eHealth Connect Intelligent Clinical Record services organize clinical information in a highly optimized and searchable format that is tailored to your clinical needs.

Clinicians can quickly and easily navigate thousands of pages of medical records to identify the most important information they need. This service can be provided both on records retrieved by eHealth Technologies, or outside records provided by your organization.

Improved Patient Care

  • All medical records are provided in a single, organized, and searchable document, or multiple, clearly labeled records based on your specific needs
  • Outside images available for review prior to the patient’s first appointment
  • Effective treatment plans can be created in less time

Increased Physician Satisfaction

  • Review outside records with fewer clicks—no longer is record review a cumbersome process for clinicians
  • Clinicians spend less time reviewing external records to prepare for a patient’s first appointment
  • Information can be delivered directly into the EMR, maintaining normal workflow

Streamlined Workflows

  • A consistent format for medical records from multiple sources saves time and unnecessary workflow disruptions
  • Customized categorization and keywords to best meet the needs of your clinicians