Intelligent Health Record Aggregation

Ensuring that complete, intelligently organized medical records are available for every referred patient optimizes the continuity of care for that patient.
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Patients visit many physicians and facilities during the diagnosis and treatment of their illnesses.  As a result, their medical records become fragmented. When a referral to a major care facility occurs, it is important that the specialists have a complete record available to ensure the best possible care. eHealth Technologies uses its physician network and smart software to pull together a complete medical record, including progress notes, labs, pathology, and images, with pertinent terms highlighted.

Higher Staff Efficiency and Job Satisfaction

The burden of external record collection is removed from your staff, allowing them to focus on patient care. Instead of spending hours or days collecting records, your staff can spend two minutes submitting a record collection request electronically to eHealth Technologies’ Customer Operations Center.  This enhanced workflow makes for a happier staff. In fact, an independent customer satisfaction survey showed clinical staff reported 100% job satisfaction after implementing eHealth Connect® Intelligent Health Record Aggregation.

Reduced Time to First Appointment

The eHealth Technologies’ team takes on the work of compiling and delivering complete medical records for incoming patients within 5 business days, on average, and sometimes within hours. Some facilities have experienced 61—250% faster record collection allowing them to assess and schedule patients soon after receiving the referral. Neither the ill patient nor the hospital staff bears the record collection burden.

* eHealth Technologies compiles and delivers complete medical records for incoming patients within a typical average turnaround time, calculated from the moment a case is submitted until the moment all requested items have been delivered, 3 to 5 business days. Turnaround time data was collected among over 100,000 requests during a one-year period of time (2014). Results may vary among requestors, providers, and patient locations.

Higher Treating Physician Efficiency

33% of physicians report not receiving the necessary care coordination records, regardless of EMR connectivity.† eHealth Technologies solves this problem by delivering a complete medical record into the Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) infrastructure the clinician uses every day prior to the patient’s first appointment. This makes the appointment meaningful and productive for both the patient and the clinician—by focusing on the future treatment plan instead of gathering past medical history. We organize, index and present the aggregated medical record to the treating physician with his or her custom, clinically relevant menu so he or she can easily navigate the record and access the information needed.

Potential Revenue Increase

Having the relevant patient records available in a timely manner allows facilities to experience a reduction in cancelled procedures and appointments. In addition, patients who are seeking treatment as soon as possible will go to the facility that can accommodate their request. Having the complete medical record quickly, without burdening the patient, has an impact in a patient’s choice. Faster appointment disposition may lead to increased patient “keepage” and increased revenue.

Patient Satisfaction and Retention

54% of patients report measurable benefits from having their records available at the time of their first visit. Neither the patients nor their families are burdened with this responsibility and can focus on their health rather than their records.

Fast Implementation

Our deployment team works closely with you to have you up and running in less than 30 days. The system is simple to use, and setup requires minimal IT support. Click here to learn more about our Record Speed Launch Program.

Easy Access to Images and Medical Records

We integrate with your PACS and EMR allowing easy access to patient demographics for record requests and seamless delivery of images and reports right into the patient folder. The integrations are simple, lightweight, and easy to implement.

Click here to learn more about how EMR and PACS integrations provide easy access to patient demographics, intelligently organized records, and images for a more efficient workflow.

Secure Request Tracking

You can track the status of any record requests online. And, of course, our Customer Support Specialists are also available online and via phone to answer any questions.

  The Role of Health Information Technology in Care Coordination in the United States, Chun-Ju Hsiao, Ph.D., MHS; Jennifer King, Ph.D.; Esther Hing, MPH; and Alan E. Simon, MD, Medical Care Volume 53, Number 2, February 2015

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Intelligent Health Record Aggregation