Record Retrieval

Record retrieval and organization experts

Patients visit many physicians and facilities during their diagnosis and treatment and as a result, their medical records become fragmented. Specialists need access to all relevant clinical information available to ensure the best possible care. eHealth Technologies specializes in retrieving medical records, images, and pathology slides from disparate systems to provide all relevant clinical information for referred patients, tailored to your clinical needs.

Improving Clinician and Patient Satisfaction

  • Clinicians and patients alike are not burdened with the hours of time and responsibility of tracking down records
  • Accurate and reliable delivery of records in an intelligently-organized format directly into your EMR or PACS makes it faster for clinicians to complete record reviews
  • With Assured DeliveryTM a patient’s first appointment is more productive, allowing time to focus on developing a care plan and eliminating unnecessary repeated tests and appointments

Trusted Quality and Efficiency You Can Rely On

  • Increased efficiency through the removal of duplicate submissions, resulting in a robust patient record and easy access to the most applicable information
  • Assurance of record accuracy through the use of two patient identifiers on each page

Streamlined Workflows and Increased Potential

  • Faster record collection allows patients to be scheduled and assessed more quickly
  • Increase volumes with fewer cancelled appointments and reduced time to treatment
  • Your team can check the status of any record request in real-time
  • Deploy the eHealth Connect Record Retrieval platform in less than 30 days using the Record Speed Launch Program® process