Referral Analytics

eHealth Connect® Referral Analytics provides a thorough, actionable understanding of your referral network. Utilizing cloud-based graphical dashboards, the dashboard provides a complete view and access to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that support your organization’s strategic, quality, operational, and marketing initiatives.

Feed Your Population Health Management Programs

Referral Analytics provides the data warehouse and measurement system that you need to manage your referred patients. Amongst other metrics, you will be able to track and understand the geographic location of your patients, their insurance providers, and their network of health record providers so you can design targeted outreach programs. All this information is at your fingertips, with no need to submit special report requests to your EMR or Data Warehouse system administrator.

Support for CMS Quality Programs

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 85% of Medicare payments will be tied to quality or value by the end of 2016.

As is the case in the CMS’ QAPI Program for Transplant Departments, Department Managers may be required to provide evidence that there is monitoring and evaluation of contracted services. eHealth Connect Referral Analytics provides access to the operational reports needed to meet this requirement including turnaround time tracking.

Quick Setup

The dashboard deployment and training can be performed in just hours.

Intuitive Interface

Referral Analytics features an intuitive interface that allows you to navigate and drill down to the level of detail you require to make informed decisions quickly and accurately.

Useful Alerts

You can customize alerts to notify you when a KPI needs attention. Set thresholds specific to your business to become proactive instead of reactive to utilization and referral trends. Visibility into your operations will allow early detection of referral leakage early so that you can address it immediately. (Available 2016)

24/7 Access

Because the dashboard is cloud-based and patient-level de-identified, you have secure access to the data anywhere, anytime.

Easy Sharing

Data can be exported to PDF, Excel, and many other formats so that you can share it across your enterprise. You can share the data with peers and executives in the organization and become a strategic partner in planning marketing campaigns, referring physician outreach, and volume-variation resource planning.

Examples of Available Data

  • Referral time to appointment
  • Referral catchment down to zip code +4
  • Referral volume by department
  • Top referral sources and trends
  • Record retrieval usage metrics
  • Patient origin location

Referral Analytics Product Brochure Download (PDF)