Concierge Services

eHealth Connect® Concierge Services provide professional and compassionate engagement with your patients to collect needed information regarding their referral into your organization, improving patient experience and allowing for faster and more accurate patient intake.

Streamline Patient Access Workflow

With Concierge Services, eHealth Technologies’ Professional Customer Service Team reaches out to patients for you to streamline their intake process and ensure you have the medical records you need, all coordinated through our online eHealth Connect platform.

Improve Patient Experience

Leveraging eHealth Technologies’ knowledgeable and compassionate experts, we can guide patients through getting the information needed for accurate medical history collection. We can leverage specific questionnaires that meet the workflow needs of any of your clinical departments and communicate the answers to these questions through the eHealth Connect platform.

Reduce Administrative Burdens

Your staff is focused on patient care. It is common for them to have limited time to focus on phone calls with patients to coordinate the retrieval of their medical records and other intake information. eHealth Technologies can remove this burden from your staff, and provide a professional and compassionate alternative to work with your patients.

Capture More Patients

We care about your patients. By ensuring the right information is available to your clinicians in advance of a patient’s first appointment you will see reduced cancelled appointments and your patients will have a productive first appointment with your clinicians – ultimately putting them on a faster path to recovery.