Streamlined Integrations

Easily transfer retrieved medical records and images directly into your EMR or PACS

eHealth Connect® Streamlined Integrations allows for easy access to patient demographics for record requests and efficient delivery of images and reports into your EMR or PACS. Integrations are easy to deploy and your team will work with a dedicated client engagement specialist to ensure a seamless implementation that meets security and privacy standards.

Three integration solutions are available: Demographics, Clinical Document, and Image

Demographics Integration

Demographics Integration uses the Health Level Seven International (HL7) Admissions Discharge Transfer (ADT) feed to automatically send demographic information to eHealth Technologies for each records request. Your team saves time completing each records request, and it reduces duplicate entries or entry errors, which ultimately improves turn-around-time for records retrieval.

Clinical Document Integration

Clinical Document Integration is used to send intelligently aggregated health records directly into your EMR. Using an HL7 Medical Document Management (MDM) feed via an API or other secure file transfer, PDF formatted documents are sent to specified folders in the patient record, giving clinicians quick access to the key information needed to prepare for the patient’s first appointment. This streamlined workflow eliminates delays that come from downloading, printing, or scanning by your staff once retrieved records are available.

Image Integration

Image Integration is used to send files from our service center to your PACS, quality control archive, or image sharing service. This direct transfer saves valuable time in the medical record collection process. Instead of waiting several days for CDs to arrive and then be scanned by your staff, files (verified for quality and patient identification) can be accessed immediately upon transfer by your clinical team.

eHealth Technologies uses the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard to send images that are tagged with your identifiers, such as medical record number, before being sent. This is the same process imaging providers already use to send images into your imaging system. Optionally, you can choose to review images in our zero-footprint diagnostic-quality web viewer, and then nominate select images to be sent right from the eHealth Connect® platform.

Easy Implementation Process

The integrations are simple, lightweight, and easy to deploy. Your team will work with a dedicated client engagement specialist, who will coordinate with our network and security experts to ensure a seamless implementation.

Integrations That Meet Your Security Standards

All three integrations require a site-to-site secure connection (VPN) from eHealth Technologies to your data center. Our network services experts will work directly with your team to complete the required audit paperwork to meet all security and privacy standards consistent with HIPAA and eHealth Technologies’ SOC II Type 2 certification.