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Northern California-Based Cancer Center Case Study

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Case Study Highlights

Northern California Based Cancer Center

“We saw the benefit in the first week after implementing eHealth Connect Record Retrieval” says the director of clinical services at the Cancer Center. eHealth Connect’s partnership resulted in patients being seen an average of two months sooner
than before.

When the clinical services director started, he immediately noticed a frustrating problem. As many patients arrived for appointments, they learned that their records were incomplete— scans, pathology, and radiology reports had not yet arrived. This meant patients had to reschedule and return at a later date—causing both clinicians and patients to feel as if they wasted their time. “It’s a minimum expectation that we would have a complete record, allowing for a productive and meaningful first appointment. Before working with eHealth Technologies, we weren’t able to do that” said the director of Clinical Services of a top-ranked Northern California Cancer Center.

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