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Freed up staff time and devoted over 200 additional hours a month to patient care

Surgical Oncology Department Case Study

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Case Study Highlights

Midwestern Academic Med Ctr Surgical Onc DptToday’s patients have many options for care and access to specialists is more available than ever before. Hospitals and facilities are seeing more and more patients from across the country walk through their doors for specialized procedures, second opinions, and treatment plans.

As with many health care facilities, this midwestern academic medical center scheduled referred oncology patients from many locations and tasked staff and clinicians with tracking down medical records from disparate systems. This time-consuming and inefficient effort left staff frustrated, records often incomplete, and patients waiting. Beginning with a pilot program in 2016, the center’s surgical oncology department turned to eHealth Technologies to retrieve and organize its patient records. Within the first few months after implementation, the department’s average wait time to receive records dropped from 10 to 3.6 days and staff spent an average of 87% less time gathering them.

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