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Reduce Transplant Patient Evaluation Period by 75%

West Coast Academic Medical Transplant Center Case Study

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After implementing eHealth Connect,® this nationally-ranked West Coast Academic Medical Center evaluates and lists transplant patients in weeks instead of months.

With eHealth Technologies taking the burden of medical records retrieval off of patients and staff, transplant patients are being evaluated for transplant in just 2–3 weeks instead of months.

“It’s hard enough to tell a patient the devastating news that they likely need a kidney transplant—but to make matters worse, then you tell them they need to gather all their medical records from the past decade or more before they can be evaluated to be added to the list,” says the nurse manager at a West Coast Academic Medical Center. “These patients are very ill. And you need all those tests, all those images and reports to take the next steps to getting better—it’s overwhelming. Many patients go into total emotional shutdown.”

That’s exactly why this West Coast Transplant Center turned to eHealth Technologies for record retrieval and organization. The eHealth Connect solution has helped reduce its record retrieval from 8–10 weeks, down to as little as 3 days, taking the burden of manual collection off both the patient and staff.

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