eHealth Technologies provides seamless access to healthcare information, enabling caregivers to focus on what matters most – patients.

Compiling medical histories for referred patients in an easy-to-navigate format

Eliminate the challenges associated with missing health information when preparing for newly referred patients. Our services include locating and retrieving medical records, images, or pathology slides and organizing records in a customized and consistent manner for clinicians.

Transforming care in HIE regions and communities with an image enabled platform

Clinical teams can view, share, and transfer medical imaging studies with any connected site within the HIE with a single click. An image-enabled HIE positively impacts patient care and addresses administrative burdens faced by hospitals, imaging centers, and medical practices.

“Our workflow is much faster and easier with eHealth Technologies. I like how well the team communicates with me on a regular basis.”

Mitzy Sanchez, Medical Assistant, Scripps Health, Oncology Department

“One of the strongest benefits of working with eHealth Technologies is that I can be confident that requests are being processed in a timely fashion. The eHealth team provides regular updates on delays and when additional information is needed.”

Virgina Gayles, Access Specialist, Rush University Medical Center, Division of Hematology/Oncology/Cell Therapy

“Working with eHealth Technologies provides a tremendous time savings for our staff, and we are able to obtain records more quickly for our clinical team. Patient care is also positively impacted because we can schedule patients faster and provide a more complete evaluation at the first appointment. eHealth Technologies make the whole process work so much more efficiently.”

Kathy Krzeminski, Operations Manager, Center for Transplantation, UCSD

“It’s a minimum expectation that we would have a complete record, allowing for a productive and meaningful appointment. Before working with eHealth Technologies, we weren’t able to do that.”

Director of Clinical Services, Northern California Cancer Center

“I am now able to manage more tasks and have more time with patients. I can make more phone calls and visits with patients in the hospital after surgery. All of this bridges the gap and helps with the transition of care.”

Oncology Nurse, Surgical Oncology Department, Midwestern Academic Medical Center

“The more we can help create a complete, accessible and accurate patient record, the more value the provider will find in the EHR—and the more value QHN will have to their success and the well-being of western Colorado patients.”

Laura Head, EHR Interface Manager, Quality Health Network

“Rapid and reliable access to images is vital in many cases to care quality, and eHealth Connect Image Exchange has helped improve that experience.”

Jill Eisenstein, CEO & President, Rochester RHIO

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