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eHealth Technologies is the leading health care technology company that decreases time to treatment and delivers actionable insights to clinicians to improve patient outcomes.

We do this by providing seamless access to health care information, enabling caregivers to focus on what matters most – patients.

Compiling medical histories for referred patients in an easy-to-navigate format

Eliminate the challenges associated with missing health information when preparing for newly referred patients. We provide quick and seamless access to health care for patients by collecting medical records, test results, and images and organizing them—so that physicians have quick, digital access to the information they need to provide superior care in a timely manner

Transforming care in HIE regions and communities with an image enabled platform

Clinical teams can view, share, and transfer medical imaging studies with any connected site within the HIE with a single click. An image-enabled HIE positively impacts patient care and addresses administrative burdens faced by hospitals, imaging centers, and medical practices.

“eHealth Technologies enabled us to open the door wider and see more patients, particularly for our kidney transplant program, where we have the largest volumes.”

Kim Phillips, Senior Director, Transplant Service Line, University of Utah Health’s Transplant Center

“The biggest benefit of working with eHealth Technologies is time. We no longer spend our time waiting on patient authorizations or chasing down slides and image studies from pathology and radiology departments. eHealth helps us do our jobs more efficiently.”

Nicole Thomas, Advisor, Memorial Sloan Kettering

“eHealth Connect has dramatically improved physician and staff satisfaction with the record retrieval process. More important, we’re able to offer our patients more immediate care, with complete medical histories at our fingertips.”

Henry Ford Health System, Transplant

“We have seen internal image workflow management go from 40-60 minutes to approximately 10 minutes per patient. We estimate the entire retrieval process took an average of 90 minutes per patient and now only takes about nine minutes.”

University Hospitals, Seidman Cancer Center

“We receive 200,000+ imaging studies a month from 29 hospitals and independent radiology centers. The ability to review, share and now download imaging studies is a valued service to our providers. It improves efficiency, resulting in better patient care.”

HealtheConnections, CEO and President

“I really do love the transfer to PACS workflow. It is much faster than using CDs and it is very convenient that the images go directly to the patient medical record, rather than having to reconcile the record after a patient’s images are imported.”

Elizabeth Wende, Breast Care, a Rochester RHIO client

eHealth Technologies


eHealth Technologies


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