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Record Retrieval

How it Works

Your Patient Care Partner

The nation’s top hospitals trust eHealth Connect® solutions every day to retrieve and organize referred patient medical records. We make sure you have access to the clinical information you need to create a treatment plan for your patients.

Referred patient records delivered to your EMR in as little as 3–5 days

Streamlined Workflows

  • Staff spend 85% less time retrieving and managing records
  • Schedule patients sooner with the confidence that their records will be received in advance
  • Increase patient volumes with fewer cancelled appointments
  • Reduce time to treatment
  • Check the status of any request at any time, in real-time

Clinician and Patient Satisfaction

  • Remove the burden of locating, requesting, and organizing medical records, images, and pathology slides from your staff and patients
  • Eliminate repeated tests and rescheduled appointments
  • Make a patient’s first appointment more productive, allowing time to focus on developing a care plan

Clinically Organized and Accurate

  • Organized, de-duplicated records delivered directly to your EMR
  • Single, searchable format
  • Assurance of record accuracy through two patient identifiers

Who We Serve

eHealth Technologies brings value to many types of health care organizations. While the needs and ways that we support these organizations may be different – the common result is an enhanced ability to provide care for patients in need of medical services.

eHealth Technologies acts as an extension of a hospital department clinical care team. With partners across the country, eHealth Technologies works with all types of facilities – from large academic medical facilities to specialty hospitals.

  • Our relationship with a facility varies from supporting one department or center, to an enterprise-wide relationship – driving consistency and cost savings across the organization.
  • The eHealth Connect solution is applicable across many specialty areas – such as oncology, transplant, cardiology, orthopaedic, neurology, and many others.
  • eHealth Technologies provides enhanced efficiencies wherever there is a need for clinical teams to access past medical records, imaging studies, or pathology slides to prepare for a new patient referral.

With eHealth Technologies, getting pathology slides to the right place for a second opinion is handled efficiently and safely.

  • A key practice many of the top cancer centers we work with is re-reading tissue slides before seeing a referred patient or offering a second opinion. In one study from an academic medical center, a re-read of pathology found errors from the first read for approximately 20% of patient slides. A second read can make a life-saving difference to a patient getting the right treatment.
  • Our standardized request process includes having slides sent directly to the main pathology department, rather than to the requestor – who then has to get them over to the main lab. Without this improved workflow, in large health systems with a number of offsite locations, getting the slides to pathology can involve many hands and can take up to a month.
  • Transporting biologic material essential to a patient’s treatment is a high-stakes process. If a patient’s pathology slides are lost, there is no way to recoup them. Our refined system greatly reduces the chance of that happening. Our request template asks the appropriate clinical questions, so pathology receives the exact material to read. We use FedEx, overnighting all packages and tracking them within our system so we always know where the slides are and when they are delivered.
  • We’re able to handle a huge volume of pathology requests quickly with our streamlined and secure procedures. The average turnaround time for pathology requests is 4.14 days.

Contract Medicine providers benefit from eHealth Technologies’ expedited turn-around-time and ability to create a clinically organized medical record that makes record review faster.

  • Standardization is critical for the elite group of facilities that provide contract medicine to their referred patients. Being able to depend on access to accurate, complete medical records for patients that are being evaluated for care is an important factor in controlling costs and timing to schedule and evaluate new patients.
  • Providers in this space are always looking for new and innovative methodologies that can provide a competitive edge when bidding on new contracts. Built-in resources to acquire and organize medical records that can flex with growing volumes is a key asset.

The value that eHealth Technologies brings to TPA firms is the capacity to flex staffing resources as new contracts are finalized or expand.

  • Resources needed to prepare and collect information on patients in need of care is a specialized skill set that is manual and time consuming.
  • As a TPA business grows, the volume of patients being managed increases.

The ability to collect and organize patient medical information in customized formats make eHealth Technologies a valuable partner for pharmaceutical or research organizations and academic medical institutions conducting important clinical studies.

  • Whether it’s a quick turn around project, or a long-term patient study that requires multiple points of data collection, eHealth Technologies can support the needs of researchers.
  • eHealth Technologies can expedite the onboarding of patients into clinical trial with our unique ability to organize and deliver clinical information based on very specific and customizable requirements.
  • As an extension of your team, eHealth Technologies can support varying volume needs over time.